About Me

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I have loved animals my whole life and have always had a dog or cat or horse.  They seek my healing hands and give me deep satisfaction when they respond to my energy healing.

What a strange combination to be an leadership coach for people and to be an energy healer for animals!  And yet here I am bringing my intuitive healing abilities to serve those animals I love. I was already working with horses in my leadership coaching business Carrot Coach and realized I could bring more to the animals.

In the early 2000’s I started to notice when I would visit friend,s their dogs would come stand under my hands.  I had no idea what they were doing or why.  Gradually, I got exposed to healing touch and QiGong through my own healing process. I began to realize they were drawing energy from my hands to help them heal. I began to take classes in various modalities (Reiki, QiGong and Healing Touch for Animals) and found that I did know the healing that was happening.  The more I watched the animals I worked with, the more I realized how much they wanted and appreciated my healing hands.  I continue to add to my healing tool box (Animal Communication and Acupressure for Animals) and find I pull out the tool that the animal seems to need in the moment.

To practice my new skills I tried to volunteer at a human hospital, but kept running into road blocks. That’s when my Reiki Master teacher suggested an organization called Shelter Animal Reiki Association and their handbook for getting started volunteering in animal shelters.  I was already a volunteer at my local Animal Humane Society and approached them to begin to do energy healing on the animals.  They embraced my gifts and I have volunteered many hours with animals at the shelter, helping with the transition, helping them understand why they are there, helping with shyness and depression, helping with physical issues and death transitions if they are not adoptable.

As people found out how I could help their animals they bring me in to do my healing.  I look forward to bringing healing to your pet!


  • Reiki Master
  • Acupressure for Animals – Intermediate Level
  • Essential Oils – reading and practice, learning more all the time
  • QiGong Level II
  • Healing Touch for Animals Level 1
  • Animal Communication
  • Essential Oils available (Young Living)
  • Over 500 hours helping cats and dogs through the emotional and physical transitions of surrender to animal shelters (Animal Humane Society of MN) through adoption or euthanasia.
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified Equine-Guided Educator (since 2003) and is a member of International Coach Federation and Minnesota Coaches Association
  • Degrees include a BA in Math and Psychology and an MS in Computer Science.
  • Qualified Myers-Briggs Personality Type practitioner

The animals guide me to the energy healing modality they most need. 

Ann Kerr Romberg, ann.romberg@gmail.com, 651-766-8920