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How to guide your human by Dude the horse – Part 3

Dude at Klein's

Dude at Klein Farm – still away from his new herd but close to the horses in the other pasture

Hi.  This is Dude again.  This is third part of my story of how my move from Shadow Creek Stable to Klein Farm transpired.  I’ll take you through my transition to joining the herd. If you missed it, look for Parts 1 and 2 posted Dec. 8 and Dec. 14.

First few days at the new farm:  The first afternoon Victor came and bugged me. I wasn’t ready to be with him so ran away from him.  He thought I wanted to run with him so kept running after me.  We ran laps around this big pasture and got very sweaty.  Finally, Victor seemed satisfied and left me alone.  I still wanted to watch more so I went to other end of the pasture again.  When the herd came down to my end, I ran to the other end.

At the end of the day when the others went into the barn, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so just stayed at the end of the pasture.  Chris came out with a halter to bring me in.   I like Chris.  He’s very easy going. It was nice in my stall and there was hay and I could observe the others across the aisle in their stalls.  I’m still nervous and on edge since this is all very new.  Ann and her friend Jim came to see me.  They brought carrots.  YUM!!!

Jeanne and Chris checked on me several times the first couple of nights.  They are very good caretakers and really wanted me to feel at home here.  When they let me out the next morning, I knew I needed more time to watch so went the end of the pasture.  Sis called to me several times but I was still not ready to join the herd.  She is such a great lead mare and has accepted me in the herd.


Victor and Dude after rolling the the mud

Again Victor and I ran together and then rolled in the mud together.  I am getting the idea he just wants to play and isn’t trying to boss me around.  Sis brought the herd down to my end again.  She was trying hard to make me feel welcome, but I needed more time to watch so I ran to the other end.  I still don’t quite understand the routine, so Ann came out to get me at the end of the pasture.  She did some energy healing on me and it felt so good.  I have been pretty tense these past few days.  She also gave Sis some energy healing to help with the transition.

Ann was out with a coaching client today and I watched the session from afar. It was fun to watch her work and see the client learn and grow.   I look forward to joining her when I’m comfortable. Today I understood that I need to come to the barn when it’s time to come in.  I now trust there will be hay and good people to greet me.

Dude and Vic friends

Dude and Vic are friends

After a few days: Today when I went out I went to a hay pile up by the barn instead of running to the other end of the pasture.  Sis herded the others to the other end so I could eat.  She is really taking care of me.  I am so grateful.    Victor again wanted to run and I let him practice his leadership.  He’s been at the bottom of the herd with all mares for so long, poor guy!  I think we will be good buddies and I don’t need to compete with him.

Today, I’m ready to join the herd.  Victor came out and went to the pile next to me.  I stayed near the herd all day and connected with Sis and Victor.  Tonight when we went into the barn, Victor waited for me rather than going right to his stall.  He really wants to be friends.

Dude with Sis

Dude with Sis respectfully

Victor and I again ate next to each other this morning and Sis and Cosmo joined us too.  There was no jockeying for hay piles.  Sis made sure I felt safe and unpressured while we ate.    I was with the herd all day and feeling very accepted and included.  I can relax now.  I got the time and support I needed to feel comfortable.  These humans did it right, with the guidance of us amazing horses of course!

Thank you for reading my story!  I hope you learn how wise we horses are and may you see the connection you have with all living things.

May the horse be with you,


How to guide your human by Dude the horse – Part 2

Fall of my 22nd year – written in “horse time”

Dude cropped

Dude at Shadow Creek

Hi.  This is Dude again. Here is the second part of my story.  If you missed it, look for Part 1 posted Dec. 8.

This is second part of my story of how my move from Shadow Creek Stable to Klein Farm transpired.  I’ll take you through the day before and first day there.

Day before my move:  Today Ann  and some other equine-guided coaches at the new farm performed a ritual at Klein Farm to prepare the other horses and farm for my arrival.   As soon as they started, I joined them in spirit and Ann felt me there and told the others.  She’s learning!  Sis, Cosmo and Victor were just outside the barn  They called in the four directions (a wonderful Native American ritual from my Appaloosa heritage) and set an intention for calm, safe travel and meeting with the other horses.  They visualized this process and smudged (another Native tradition) all four of the stall doors.  I reminded them to thank the horse ancestors and spirits, even though they think they thought of it.  These humans are starting to understanding the connection between all of us and with nature.  Finally!

Moving Day:  I am ready to leave, having said my goodbyes.  Willie was a bit mad at me since we’ve been best buddies for the past eleven years.  Oh well, he will survive and find new buddies.  When Ann arrived I was ready, stepped away from the hay and let her lead me out to the trailer. Deah gently asked me to get on the trailer.  It has been a long time since I rode in a trailer, so I took a couple of minutes checking it out.  Deah was very patient with me so it didn’t take long.  I am more cooperative when I’m not rushed by humans.

We arrived at the Klein Farm about an hour later and Ann took me off the trailer.  I noticed it is a pretty place and felt very calm and peaceful.  We walked around the property just like I told Ann I wanted to; first in front of the barn, then around the perimeter of the pasture.  This is a big pasture with lots of space to run.   I was surprised to see horses in the other pastures.  Ann, you didn’t tell me about that part!

Then she asked me to go in the barn.  I didn’t want to.  I wanted to meet my new herd first, so I dug in my heals and refused.  It took a while but she got the picture eventually and led me to the gate of the pasture where my new herd was.  So you see how I guide the process?

Sis as guide

Sis guiding the coaching with Beth P.

Sis immediately told the other two to stand back and then came right up to me.  We looked at each other, smelled each other and talked about my ride here and how we could work together.  I am really clear she is the leader. Then she let Cosmo and Victor come meet me.

Victor has lots of energy and was very excited to meet me (a little overwhelming frankly).  Cosmo squealed and kicked out (so predictable for a mare).

Sis, Vic, Cosmo

Sis, Victor and Cosmo from afar

Once I met the horses, I was ready to go in the barn.  Ann showed me my new stall, let me eat some hay and meet Chris, Jeanne and Cathy (another of Ann’s friends).  My stall is 4 times the size of my old stall!  I can walk around and lay down comfortably.   After I ate a bit and got a little used to the barn, they turned me into the pasture with the others.

I wasn’t ready to join them and still wanted time to observe, so I ran to the other end of the pasture and stayed there for the next several days.  I introduced myself over the fence to the horses in the other pastures and stood near them for a while so I felt safe.  I watched my new herd mates from afar.

Check back for Part 3 and how I guided the process to join the herd!

How to guide your human by Dude the horse – Part 1

Fall of my 22nd year – written in “horse time”

ann_and_dude close up 300

Me with my human Ann.

Hi I’m B.A. Dude, Jr., Dude for short.  I’m a 22 year old Appaloosa.  I chose my current family in Minnesota (Ann and her daughters) when  I was 4 years old.  I helped all of them learn to take care of horses and learn to ride.   I was Ann’s very first coaching horse-partner when she was just learning to trust us horses to guide the coaching process with a human.  I made her jaw drop a few times with my responses with her clients and I was a catalyst for moving her forward as an equine-guided coach.   When I was 11 years old I became a lesson horse at Shadow Creek Stable.   I loved being a lesson horse and seeing the people, especially kids grow and change.  As you can see, I’m a teacher and love that role.

This is my story of how my move from Shadow Creek Stable to Klein Farm transpired.  Humans seem to think they are in charge and usually think we horses don’t have feelings or needs, and we can’t have any say in how things go because we can’t speak English.  That is absolutely not true!  My human, Ann (I trained her well), seemed open to another way, so I guided the entire process (even though I let her thing she was making it happen most of the time!)

I have let Ann organize these thoughts into three parts or blogs, so they are easier for you to understand.  This one is time leading up to the actual move.

Mid-summer:  Ann talked to me to today about the possibility of moving to live close to where she lives now.  She said we could spend more time together because I’d be closer to her and we could work together like we did many years ago when I first partnered with her in equine-guided coaching.   She told me about the Klein Farm and the three horses who live there now; Sis, the 32 year old lead mare, Cosmo, the younger mare and Victor, the Arabian gelding.  She thinks I’ll like Chris and Jeanne too, the owners of the farm.  I was skeptical but I told her I’d consider it.

Late summer sometime: Jeanne and Ann talked about next steps and decided to have Jenny Gott, animal communicator, talk with me.  (Actually, Sis planted that seed of guidance).  Jenny asked questions from Ann, but I ran the conversation.  I told her four key things:

  1. I’m ready for a new experience for helping people in a new way and I look forward to doing it at a whole new level with Ann being my partner.
  2. The quiet setting is appealing and I will integrate well with the herd as long as there are no bullies.
  3. I need a lot of support in the integration. I want to walk the perimeter with Ann and have her visualize me meeting the herd.  I need time to be separate from the herd and observe them.
  4. Take it slow. I need some time to say goodbye here.

Here is what Sis said when Jenny talked to her:


Sis, wise elder lead mare.

Dude’s energy seems open and loving and he may just help bring some balance into the herd.  I would want a slow introduction to make sure that it would work and time to set the boundaries.   I’m not ready to give up being lead mare.  And it needs to happen at the right time, not rushed before everyone is ready.    I suggest a process to use to help us prepare the herd for changes.  You could use Reiki and visualization before he comes to help set boundaries, expectations and do spiritual introductions.  Imagining how you want it to look, feel and everyone to behave.

Late summer sometime later:  Ann and Jeanne made the decision to go forward with the move based on what Sis and I communicated.   Clearly Sis and I are on the same page J.  I guess humans to have to guide some of the process or it won’t happen.  Actually we are best at being partners if humans let us.  I will start the process of saying goodbye and hope Ann soon tells the humans here so they can say goodbye too.

I can tell Ann talked to Susan here at Shadow Creek to let her know that I will be moved  because she is stressed about losing me and the trainers are too.   I have been such an important part of the lesson program here.  I am consistent and reliable. There is no point in being modest!.   I hope she tells the students soon, so they have time to tell me goodbye.

Everyone is so sad I’m leaving.  The young kids give me big hugs and groom me especially nicely.  One even said she would never let her mom wash her riding pants since they have my hair on them.  The date for me to leave has not been established since Susan needs some time to find another lesson horse.

Early fall:  Ann talked to me today to let me know that Deah (my favorite trainer) will trailer me to my new home a week from today.  Deah is so good with me and will help me be comfortable on the ride.  I will start to say goodbye to the other horses now and prepare myself to leave.

Check back next time for my perception of the moving day!

Dogs take responsibility for lightning?

Trauma often goes deeper than what medicine can cure.   Energy healing can address the mental, emotional and spiritual side of trauma, creating a healthier, happier pet.

Fifteen months ago Patty, a beautiful Cocker-Bichon mix, had a severe reaction to a Rabies shot and almost died.   Only a year later she was alone in the house when lightning struck the roof, setting the attic on fire.   Fortunately, a passerby heard her and rescued her from the house.  Needless to say, Patty became extremely agitated and started worriedly pacing and ‘going crazy’ when anyone came to the door or there was a loud noise.  She was always the protector, but this was extreme.  Her owners talked to a vet who gave her some medication to break the cycle of behavior.  This worked well, but something still seemed off.  So a friend referred them to me for energy healing and animal communication.

When I arrived at the newly remodeled home, Patty came right up to me and seemed to know why I was there.  She did not bark or act protective.   Her owner said she never does this.  Patty and I went into the family room and ‘talked’ for a minute, then she went off to get her mom.

Mom had fallen on a wet floor earlier in the day, was only bruised and sore but was resting.  It was clear that they were very connected and Patty felt responsible for her mom’s healing as well.   Patty lay on her mom’s leg for the entire healing, so mom would get healing too.

During the healing, I heard Patty say she felt responsible for the lightning strike and guilty for not adequately protecting the house and her people.  When I told her mom, who immediately reassured Patty that it wasn’t her fault and no one could control lightning.  Patty visibly relaxed and took a short nap.

When she woke, she stretched and walked off.  Soon someone came to the door and Patty responded with her old normal bark, not the overreaction of before.  Her transformation was immediate and visible.

Thank you, Patty, for allowing me to be your healer!